Nigeria 2009

The GOAL Foundation made a donation of diapers and children’s multivitamins to two residential children’s facilities in Nigeria in June 2009.  The recipients were the Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice (and orphanage) and Little Saints Orphanage, Palm Grove Estate. 

The vibrant Proprietress of Hearts of Gold, Ms. Laja Adedoyin, talked with us about the children in their care, including children with special health needs and disabilities, those at the end of their lives, and those that had been abandoned and brought to the facility.  We had a great visit with the wonderful children who ranged from 2 months to 9 years.  We were also able to visit with some of the children at their school facility half a block down the street who had some ability for learning.  The kids were clearly excited to play with us and even those who could not speak stretched their hands out to us. (See pictures below).

We were also fortunate to meet the adorable fifteen infants at the Baby Care Unit at the Little Saints Orphanage who were being looked after by several caring minders.  These children were mostly abandoned by strangers and eventually brought to the home. 

It is our fervent hope at the GOAL Foundation to continue support for these kinds of havens for children in order to ensure their healthy futures.

India Medical Relief

India Medical Relief: This South Asian country of 1.1 billion has 35% living in poverty.The GOAL had a successful medical brigade to India in April, 2007. See below for pics.

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Thousands were displaced when the Gulf coast of the United States was hit by the deadliest hurricane in its history in August 2005. The GOAL was able to provide temporary housing, clothing and medical care for 14 evacuees who were previously camped at the Houston Astrodome. They ranged from a 4 week-old baby to adults.

Nigeria Medical Relief

Located in West Africa, years of unstable government has left the 130 million people of this oil-rich country one of the poorest in the world; 70% live on less than $1/day. The impact is that most people can expect to live an average of 45.5 years. We donated medications such as antibiotics, antipyretics, and analgesics to the Gbagada General Hospital.

Honduras Medical Brigade Located in Central America, this country of 7.2 million has 21% living on less than $1/day. The average life expectancy is 67.5 years. The GOAL was part of a team that ran a clinic in the fishing villages of Rio Esteban and Ceibita, both on the north coast. We saw and dispensed medications to 530 people. Thanks to the Sugar Creek Church team and Dr Peter Kwan for organizing the trip

Gbagada Medical Relief The like-named community is heavily dependent on the free government hospital and outpatient clinic (medication and equipment use are paid for by the patient; there are no doctor/nurse/staff visit fees). ‘A 40-ft container with medical supplies and equipment worth $400,000 have been shipped to Nigeria to benefit the communities served by Gbagada General Hospital as well as the hospice and orphanages supported by the United For Kids Foundation.


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